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Published: 12/08/2015

Example Surveys

The example Urban and Rural Surveys have been compiled to assist candidates gain a better understanding of the expected requirements of survey examination submissions.

They are extracts only and not complete.  All examination surveys submitted to the Board must be suitable for registration with the Land Titles Office.


Professional Standards

Candidates preparing for Board examinations are expected to demonstrate a strong understanding of professionalism and the role of professional associations.

While the below resources are provided for the information of candidates, it is important to recognise that some content may be juristriction specific.

Please note: website registration (no cost) may be required in order to access the full text of some documents.


Rural sample 1.pdf (1668 kb)
Urban Sample 2.pdf (4447 kb)
Urban Sample 1.pdf (2635 kb)
Rural sample 2.pdf (2227 kb)